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Experience Bel Vino

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Bel Vino Winery Tours


Enjoy a delightful experience of wine tasting and choose from one of our group tours!


Tour 1: Wine and Charuterie & Systematic Approach to Wine Tasting


This tour includes a history of the Bel Vino winery and a stroll tasting through the barrel room and outside grounds. Six tastings of Bel Vino’s finest wines and a brief education on the difference between American and European oak are included. It provides instruction of the proper way to hold a wine glass as well as the systematic approach to wine tasting. In addition, it includes a broken down approach in appearance, nose, palate and conclusion of wine. A wine pairing with Charuterie and cheese platter is provided at the end.


Cost: $29.95

Time: 1 hour

Days Offered: Thursday (12pm – 3pm) & Saturday/Sunday (10am – 4pm)

Maximum Guests: 14



Tour 2: Vine to Wine

This tour includes the same elements as tour one. Guests tour the vines and are provided a brief education of our vines, grapes, climate and soil. Time will be allowed for pictures in front of the vines.


Cost: $39.95

Time: 90 minutes

Days Offered: Friday (11am – 12:30pm) (1pm – 2:30pm) (3pm – 4:30pm)

Maximum Guests: 8


Bel Vino Winery Tours


Special requests for private tours for 2 guests on any of these given tours is $10 additional per person. (Includes 8 tastings and 2 Wine Club glasses)


Please make your reservation with the cashier or your wine server. Payment is due the day of the tour. There will be a 24-hour notice for rescheduling tours. Should guests arrive late, there is a 10-minute grace period.

It is the guest’s responsibility to reschedule their tour.

Wine Club Members receive 10% OFF.

All tour complimentary signature glasses will be given to each guest as a thank you.


Please call our office with any questions you may have: (951) 676-6414