Bel Vino is open from 11:00am-5:30pm everyday except Friday and Tuesday.  Friday our open hours are 11:00am-10:00pm. Tuesday we are closed. Friday night, Saturday & Sunday we are a 16 years and older venue. 

Bel Vino is not a pet friendly venue. 

  • Bel Vino’s winemaking facilities are state-of-art and high capacity, with an outstanding Master Winemaker and support staff. See the Winemaking page for more information about Bel Vino’s Old World, small batch, handcrafted winemaking methods and about its Winemaker.
  • We offer Bel Vino’s house branded wine as well as exclusive labels, exclusive varietals and private labeling for wholesale and export customers.
  • Deal directly with the winery, we do not use distributors or middlemen.

Private Label

Are you a winery or restaurant interested in offering your own private label wine brand? Customize your label to match your branding. Minimum order starts at 4 pallets.  Reach out to one of our associates to get more information.

Celebrity Wine & Joint Ventures

Bel Vino has experience in creating joint ventures with celebrities and others who want to market their own wine brands. We can provide all assistance needed to develop your brand and the wine to go with it, and then assist by making the wine and supporting your marketing.

Winemaking Services

If your winery could benefit from expert winemaking services, we can help. Services available to wineries include: Grape to bottle custom crush and winemaking, bottling, barrel storage, and treatment to substantially reduce: pH, volatile acidity and alcohol levels.


Bel Vino successfully exports wine to China on an ongoing basis. We possess all expertise and documentation services necessary to get shipments ready and delivered to Long Beach for export shipping. If you’re new to exporting we can guide you through the entire process. Note that an export order must be for a minimum of 120 cases (1,440 bottles) of wine.

Contact Info
Phone: 951-428-2234


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